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Only for dogs under 35lbs.

Camp K9's Doggie Daycare offers your precious pet an affordable alternative to staying home alone all day. Just like our two-legged children, dogs get bored with nothing to do and no one to interact with all day.  When that happens, they typically find their own forms of entertainment (often times not to the parent’s liking), or they wait anxiously for you to return from a long day at work… not to relax, but to PLAY!  Well, now you can relax. 

Camp K9 has smaller play groups than most facilities. While we are sure plenty of dogs do just fine in groups of 40-60 dogs, we feel it benefits them more mentally to be in smaller groups of 8 or less grouped by size and temperament. Not every dog plays well with every dog they meet and we understand that. Humans don’t like everyone we meet! While aggression will not be tolerated, groups of similar play style will have a much more enjoyable time. Some dogs just need time to warm up and not be overwhelmed. We have a rotation protocol, so when one dog seems like they need a nap, or a break – we take them to do that. Most aggression stems from a form of fear, so by creating a more relaxing environment we can help dogs that potentially didn’t do so well in larger groups.

We do not allow dogs to be bullied (or become bullies!). We make sure the play is appropriate and that everyone is having fun.

Our space is designed like a home environment. We didn’t want to do the traditional cement floor you usually see. Dogs live in a home with you, why not be their home away from home?

Daycare Packages

$28 full day (Over 4 hours)

$15 half day (Under 4 hours)

Purchase 10 full days -$252 (1 day free)

Purchase 30 full days-$750 (25/day)

Packages are non-refundable

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