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What is a Temperament Test?

Temperament testing helps us understand your dog which allows us to provide optimal care to your

best buddy and all their furriends. During the test, a trained Camp K9 staff member pets your pup, touches their paws, feeds a treat (or two), and introduces your dog to another furry friend. This is a way for us to gauge whether or not your dog will be happy in our active and social environment. If your dog displays aggression during the temperament test we can guide you to other services in our area that may be better suited.

Why should I bring my dog to daycare?

Dogs are active/social animals like us that require social interaction as well as mental and physical stimulation. Daycares provide a unique structured environment for your dog to safely explore socially with other dogs and people which carries into their life outside of daycare. Also dogs aren’t always the best at using their alone time productively, which can lead to stress, depression, and/or behavioral problems. Bringing your dog to daycare when you're away allows your pup to receive the nurturing and stimulation it needs to stay mentally sharp, socially fulfilled, and physically strong.

What do the dogs do during the day?

During the day dogs will have the opportunity to play, run, and wrestle with other dogs and play with our staff. They also like to entertain themselves with various toys, Nylabones, Kongs, and brain games. We take them on walks every day, and when they're tired they veg out on a couch or dog bed. We practice group training like gate/door boundaries where we have dogs go through one at a time, or group "sits". We also practice individual training like "sit" and "lay down". Always reinforcing good behaviors!

My dog is stressed about going to the groomer. Is it okay to switch up groomers?

I suggest that you find a groomer that will work with your dog and stick with that groomer so they cam develop a relationship instead of going to a different groomer with different handling techniques. 

We LOVE Camp K9! How can we tell more people about how great they are?

Awe, thank you! You can review us on                         or                         !

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